+elua+ Blogger Search

+elua+ Blogger Search 2016AW

Now we are opening “blogger application” for next term.
We are seeking only professional bloggers who helps us to advertise +elua+ hair together.

People who are interested in this opportunity, please fill out an application; https://goo.gl/forms/qaKvA4SSieHCtNtB2
This form will be closed on September 25th, 2016.

Runningbloggers also require to fill out this form equally.
If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to maririn noel by NC not IMs.

+elua+ management team

+elua+ New releases @ The Epiphany and Hair Fair 2016

Last week, we have released some new hairs!

The Epiphany http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Epiphany/129/128/35

This is a gacha event with an unique system so before your visiting, please check “how to play” from here : Official Web Site(http://the-epiphany.com/how-to-play/)
*There is an instruction in English, Japanese,Korean and Spanish.

*The Epiphany is always full and having laggy situation in couple days after the event opens, so please wait for a moment until your item is delivered in each play!

-Gacha key-
+elua+ Misty & Stella @ The Epiphany

-Exclusive item-
Stella Cafe color set(cocoa/latte) is “Exclusive item”.
*Exclusive item is non gacha and it’s purchasable only with epiphany points .

Epiphany exclusive_Stella_Cafe color

Hair Fair2016 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rhodium/156/136/23

Official Web Site https://hairfair.wordpress.com/

+elua+ Hair Fair 2016

SL13B Gift & elua Group Gift HUNT

SL13B Gift & elua Group Gift HUNT

+elua+ celebrates SL13B and gives free gifts at Collabor88, Kustom9 and The Mens Dept.
And this time, we celebrate our mains store have relocated to a bland new SIM.
Where and what can you get?? Please read followings ;

– Collabor 88 // Red Pack (Ends July 6th)
– Kustom9 // Blond Pack (Ends July 10th)
– The Mens Dept // Dark Brown Pack (Ends June 30th)

Main Store Relocating Group Gift Hunt (Ends July 10th)
– Black Pack
– Brown Pack
– Light Blond Pack
– Ombre Pack